Budz Custom Danocaster T-Styles

Dan says:

The Budz bridge p/up uses a mix of 3 magnet types. 
It has a nice tight bottom end w/ a very smooth midrange and a soft (but clear) top. Aggressive but not "overwound" sounding. 
And with an excellent late 50s stagger

The Budz neck pickup is something new. He made up 3 different pickups for me - and I chose my favorite - which sounds amazingly like my '56 tele. It's not as "stratty" as many boutique neck pickups, but it sounds clear and round and makes for a better middle position than most. 

Both Dave and I agreed that we don't care for as bright of tele neck tone as most guys want. If I want a strat neck pickup tone - I can grab a strat. I prefer the tele neck tone to be a touch warmer and phatter.




Additional Specs
White wrap on bridge pickup
Unplated cover on neck pickup 
Hum cancelling in the middle position

Check out the sound of the Danocaster T-Style...

Played by Al Carmichael

NEW review!!

   “ ...The Budz pickups have a great blend of bite, clarity, complexity, and twang in all positions.  The bridge nails bright country chicken-pickin’ with ease, yet it’s meaty enough to avoid any icepicky treble, and rocks out with confidence... 
Man, there is nothing like a great T-style bridge pickup, and this Dano quickly establishes that fact.  The middle position is round, sweet, and musical--slightly polite even in a useful way--while the neck pickup has more clarity and depth than that of many T-styles, while affording plenty of jazzy warmth and richness too. “

From Dave Hunter’s review of the Danocaster Single Cut with Budz Danocaster-spec T-style single coils -- Guitar Player Magazine December 2015

DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Staggered w/White Rope: $180.00

DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Flatpole w/Black Rope: $180.00