Budz Triple Threat Saddles

Budz Triple Threat Saddles
    Our direct replacement Triple Threat Saddles let you say goodbye to irritating string sliding, poor intonation and nasty saddle grooves forever!
   We all know the problems with the vintage3 barrel saddles - great tone, but tuning problems, set screws that stick up, and strings the migrate off to the side.  Bending the screws to get in tune has it’s problems, as does drilling the barrel at an angle; the string does not have a clean departure from the saddle and it will still migrate, and the set screws still need to be trimmed. 
    I was working as a tech in a music store when a family came into the shop and asked for an opinion on grandpa’s old guitar to see is if would do for lessons.  Well, the guitar was a mid-50s Esquire; it would do nicely.  Grandpa had taken on the tuning issue; he had filed facets in the last barrel to get the E & B to tune.

    Grandpa’s modification inspired me to try compensating all 3 barrels using the barrels, a vise, and a file. This helped immediately on my own guitar. The string departure was better, the migration stopped, the turning issues were resolved and the great tone was still there!  

Budz Triple Threat Saddles are the result of this experiment.
Budz TripleThreat Tele Bridge Saddle Set
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Budz TripleThreat Saddles

    Using feedback collected from players and builders, this new modification has improved intonation dramatically.  
    The additional operation has required a price increase, but the benefit far outweighs the cost.