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“...the Budz pickups in this one help to present a guitar that, in my estimation, is everything a great T-style should be. There’s plenty of trebly spank and cut, but not a hint of harshness, with outstanding depth and girth, and a complex texture that really lets you express yourself through your fingers. In a word, outstanding! —Dave Hunter”

sparkle redd

Review of Danocaster Single Cut “White Guard” and Single Cut “Firemist Gold” September 28, 2015 Guitar Player Magazine.

Redd Volkaert w/ Redd Sparkle Tele Style Guitar built by Hahn Guitars w/Budz 42 and Tall T-Style Pickups. Redd says: “...it sounds fu@#$%^&ing AWESOME!!!!  Chihoe Hahn says: “...Those Budz pickups are stunningly good.”

Plugged into a Vox-style dual-EL84 15-watter and a custom JTM45-style head and 2x12 cab with Scumback and Celestion speakers, the Single Cut performed entirely like I’d expect a great early ’60s T-style to do. The Budz pickups have a great blend of bite, clarity, complexity, and twang in all positions. The bridge nails bright country chicken-pickin’ with ease, yet is meaty enough to avoid any icepicky treble, and rocks out with confidence with the amp cranked or with a Gas FX Drive Thru overdrive pedal kicked in.

Man, there’s nothing like a great T-style bridge pickup, and this Dano quickly re-establishes that fact. The middle position is round, sweet, and musical—slightly polite even in a useful way— while the neck pickup has more clarity and depth than that of many T-styles, while affording plenty of jazzy warmth and richness too. All in all, this is a superbly enjoyable guitar, a great value for the serious mojo it delivers, and thoroughly deserving of an Editors’ Pick Award. Guitar Player Review Dec. 8th 2015


Budz pickups are it! I friggin love my Budz Purebreds. A pal of mine, Redd Volkaert, told me about Budz. He was absolutely right. All good tele “quack" without the ice-pick highs. These things absolutely jam! If you're looking for pups for your tele, look up Budz. Great pickups and David Budzinski is top-notch in customer service! The PUs sound warm and woody with extreme articulation. BTW. the neck PU is awesome! Extremely useable. Not just an after thought, thrown in with the bridge PU. ...people (strangers) were coming up to me find out about my guitar and why it sounded so great. I installed the pickups you made for me and the project was a screaming success". I love the dynamics and range with clarity and quack.

I installed my old pickups and while they are very good (I give them 10) they still miss the last drop that makes em super awesome which the Budz have. They sound so warm and cover almost any style. My guitar really shines with them, the bridge pup kicked some serious ass - Just awesome! Thanks again for the quick service and the great products. I appreciate it! Your purebred bridge pickup is TO DIE FOR! Best Tele bridge placement I've ever heard or used. Period.

The Budz pickups have a great blend of bite, clarity, complexity, and twang in all positions. The bridge nails bright country chicken-pickin' with ease, yet it’s meaty enough avoid any icepicky treble, and rocks out with confidence. There is nothing like a great T-style bridge pickup, and this Dano quickly establishes that ct. The middle position is round, sweet, and musical-slightly polite even in a useful way- while the neck pickup has more clarity and depth than that of many T-styles, while affording plenty jazzy warmth and richness too. From Dave Hunter’s review of the Danocaster single Cut with Budz Danocaster-spec T-style single coils - Guitar Player Magazine Dec 2015

Email from customers:

I want to let you know that the pickups arrived well and...... the set sounds so great. I am very happy! The bridge pickup sounds killer. It is the best i ever head - really - thank you so much??, 

Best Regards, Max____

Ps: i am sure i will order another set from you soon


Quick update - I wanted to give both guitars a good workout before emailing you. The tele pickups are stellar. Quite simply, you make the best tele pickups, and I have tried several (brand names deleted). I was truly surprised and blown away by the strat pickups - they are stellar! I was leery of the higher output bridge, but it is awesome. I could not be happier - thank you very much!

From TDPRI(2009): 1+ on the budzs, a wonderful sounding set of pups, I recently bought a Hahn guitar with a set in.  I Feel Like everybody else on this one they blow you away just superb, I think its the most comfortable I have ever felt with a set of pickups, Simply stunning.

Hi David,

I have had the T bars in my tele for a month now, so am over the "honeymoon" period and feel that I can say with confidence - this combination is awesome.  The bridge handles both blues and country - really a responsive pickup to slight adjustments in the volume or tone.  The P-90 is hands down the best I have played - delivers the honk that I love in P90s and has a nice fat clean tone. Anyway, really an excellent set of pickups.  They will not be leaving my tele anytime soon! 

Dan built me my first Danocaster Tele this summer. I love my wife. Small disclaimer first. It is hard for me to separate the sound of the pickups independent of the Danocaster Tele. In other words, I see them as a ”matched" set. Why? Because I have not tried a different pickup combination, nor do I envision ever needing to do so. Regardless, here's my pro/con list for the Budz‘Danocaster pickups.


-Honest vintage tones that are aggressive enough for classic to hard rock.

-No need to back the tone down when using the bridge pickup.

-Backing off the volume does not add sonic mud.

-Every pickup and knob combination is completely usable. 

-These pickups can cover plenty of sonic territory (rock, jazz, blues, country, pop, punk, etc.)

-These Budz pickups seem to work well with any of my boost/drive pedals.


-The middle position (both pickups) sound is beefy enough to reconsider my need to replace my

Gibson Les Paul. I know, blasphemy to talk about anything that slows down GAS (gear

acquisition syndrome).

-I foresee the decline of my soldering skills.

-My normally well-adjusted musician friends have serious envy issues.

-I take more visits to the front door, just to check the deadbolt lock position.

-These Custom Budz pickups may not work well for the following music styles f metal, speed

metal, death metal, thrash metal, 80’s hair metal, NY hardcore metal, high-temp quenched metal,

301 stainless metal, etc.

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