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Common issues w/ traditional P-Bass pickups are generally "no definition" on the E string and “too bright" on the G string. So I've stretched the coil for the E & A strings to enhance the clarity and use AL 4 Magnets in the coil under the D & G strings to soften the attack for a balance in string response from top to bottom. What we get is the perfect P-Bass pickup.


GARY RASMUSSEN, Bassist with Sonic's Rendevous Band, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Harmonica Shah, Michael Katon, Blue Stone Project and Porchsleeper says..

“These Precision Pickups are warm yet clear, and very natural sounding...l really like them. Overall, they're very even-toned from top to bottom. I put them on a bass that I tour with often and it's made that particular bass one of my favorites…it's improved the sound of it immensely.”

TODD PERKINS (AKA BEOWULF KINGSLEY), Bassist/Guitarist with Big Dave & The Ultrasonics, Michael Katon Band, The Witch Doctors, Jesse Richards, The Blue Front Persuaders, The Vipers says...

“Recently I've equipped one of my Precisions with Bud's new Bass Pickups and amazing,.. as I have a lot of basses for stage and studio stuff, this is now my “Go To' bass when I’m looking for that classic 50's tone, or if I'm trying to get those Muscle Shoals and Motown vibes.

P-BASS PICKUP: $110.00

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