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Budz Soap Bars

SOAP BARS - We Love Em!


Budz Soap Bars are scatter-wound for a touch sensitive coil. The neck pickup is calibrated to be clear with a tight bottom and to eliminate the woofyness of the original soap bar set. Specially calibrated! Set the amp and make music!

neck & bridge p90

t90 blk sml

Budz T - BARS: Classic Vintage wind Soap Bar for thick smokey lines, chunky chords and a 10k T-Style Bridge to cut or Purebred T-style Bridge (choose one in the paypal "additional comments" window) for a traditional sound, both matched output for the set. Blues Approved!

T-BAR SET : $180 (PUREBRED BRIDGE or 10k T-style w/ Soap Bar NECK)


Budz Deep Dish Neck: Tall solid pole magnet neck pickup that mounts under a soap bar cover. A5 poles for balance, clarity and separation.
Serious growl for rhythm, never quite makes nice. 
DEEP DISH PICKUP neck pickup: $90.00

These are a DIRECT replacement. requiring no routing to the body of the guitar. The pickups are sold individually or as a set. Please specify choice of black or cream covers in the message section of your PayPal order (or in your email order).

(see order page for single Soap Bar Style pickups)

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