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t61 outlaw b

-THE PUREBRED: is perhaps the most classic and natural pickup you'll ever have in your guitar. This is a matched pickup set...the neck pickup is bell-like and fantastic by itself, and gorgeous with the bridge pickup The bridge pickup by itself is a real treat, especially for players looking far at ultimate Tele lead tone. These pickups are amazingly responsive...they ring beautifully with e volume knob backed off a bit, and have a complex midrange and sparkle top when full on.


clean bridge

clean neck

neck overdrive

bridge overdrive

tall 42

-42 & TALL PICKUP SET: The bridge has AL 4 and AL 2 magnets. The AL2 are under the E & B strings and have very little pull, gets them up lose to the strings. The AL4 magnets have less pull than the AL5, so the bass side can be adjusted for easy balance; the D pole is slightly raised. Together they give an articulate, responsive, warm but punchy tone. The neck is, well, tall! A tall AL5 coil configuration for a bell like tone. -Nickel or unplated covers are available.

Budz 42 Bridge and Tall Neck Pickup set &180.00

dano caster

-BUDZ CUSTOM DANOCASTER SET: The Danocaster set is a Alnico 5,4,2 mixture for the bridge and Alnico 5 for the neck. The bridge is about 7.5 k and the neck is about 7.4. The bridge is 42 gauge wire and the neck is 43 gauge  nom. to max. on a tall bobbin in the spirit of the "twisted" model by Hamel. Having said that I have had conversations with Dan concerning specific guitars where he has changed pickups from three different manufactures and still was not satisfied with what he wanted to hear. So I make bridge pickups that range from 7.5 to 10k,flat pole or staggered,using the 542 combination, Al 5 only or Al 3. 
-BUDZ CUSTOM DANOCASTER SET: w/ 7.5k bridge Staggered w/White Rope: $180.00


-BUDZ DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Staggered w/White Rope: $180.00

BUDZ DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Staggered w/White Rope

-BUDZ DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Flatpole w/Black Rope: $180.00

BUDZ DANOCASTER SET w/10K Bridge Flatpole w/Black Rope

Budz Purebred Set

Budz 452 10K Bridge Pickup

Budz Danocaster set

Budz Danocaster set

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