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Hand Wound and In House: 
Hand winding and scatter winding are terms that mean you are using a motor with a spindle and a counter only to wind the pickups- a “hands on” method of winding. It is the method that I choose to use for all the pickups that I make.
Every hand winder has a different way of getting wire from the spool to the bobbin and ending up with the coil that is functional. This is a wind pattern unique to the individual. Wire, magnet choices, and actual shape of coils can be used to get the response that gives the "Grin Factor" that makes it all worth while. So what is the grin factor?  Dynamic range, having your hands be part of the equation, an attack, bloom, and decay that have the same value and even response across the instrument,… the sound you always wanted to hear™ —David Budz 2017

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Magnets & Wire- The Alnico and Ceramic magnets and the wire I use come with material certification for quality and traceability.

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Flat Work- I make most of my flat work in house. I use router templates and hand tooled drill jigs. This gives me a flexibility for unique projects and quick reaction time for special situations.

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Springs- I have the springs for my saddle sets made for me. They needed to be strong enough not to rattle and be able to compress enough so as not to bind and prevent the adjustments that might be needed. So I had them made and at the same time I thought - “might as well make the springs for the pickups a little longer as well.”

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